Utah Asian Festival

Welcome to 46th Utah Asian Festival

Thank you for our tremendously successful 45th year! With such strong support from our local communities and sponsors, we are proud to announce the 46th Utah Asian Festival in 2023.

Our event benefits all Utahns, offering a glimpse at how traditional practices have been preserved and upheld in our state.

This festival not only connects new Americans, immigrants, and refugees to the more historic ethnic groups in our state, but also brings our diverse ethnic communities together.

Our celebration is an opportunity for all to reunite with old friends; build new friendships; meet our various communities, leaders, and elders; and seek new opportunities to be involved and support our diverse Utah Asian communities.

This year’s festival will honor our communities through traditional and modern performances, children’s activities, and spotlights on cultural, nonprofit, and commercial organizations. As always, food trucks and food booths featuring local businesses will be on site serving delicious food and refreshments. We’ve listened to your feedback and are actively working to bring you the best event possible!

Join us for the 46th annual Utah Asian Festival on Saturday, June 3rd from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm at the Grand Building of the Utah State Fairpark (155 N 1000 W Salt Lake City, UT 84116).

In accordance with State Fairpark policies, no pets are permitted on the grounds except for service animals.

Free admission and all day parking at fairgrounds is $15. Additional transit option include free fare on UTA with admission ticket (ride any UTA bus on any route, any TRAX or FrontRunner train or On Demand) and free 30-minutes rides with GREENBike with promo code 211623.

Utah Asian Festival Committee 2023

Mission and History

In 1978, the Asian Association of Utah board of directors hosted the inaugural Utah Asian Festival at the Salt Palace demonstrating unity in our community and showcasing the wealth of traditions and culture of our Asian American communities through performances, exhibits, and food. The festival was the answer to the board of directors’s goals 1) to unify our diverse Asian American communities consisting of historic ethnic groups (Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, etc) in Utah with our new, incoming refugee populations as a result of the wars in Southeast Asia (Vietnamese, Khmer, Laotian, Hmong, etc); 2) to uplift our communities on a statewide platform because previously, each ethnic organization were hosting their own smaller, ethnic-specific community festivals; and 3)to educate the general public about the diversity, experiences, and contributions of Asian Americans in Utah.

The Utah Asian Festival is a program of the Asian Association of Utah which was formed in September 1977 when late Governor Scott Matheson wanted to relocate Southeast Asian refugees from Camp Pendleton in California to Utah. He founded a small seed grant in creating AAU as a community coalition and nonprofit agency with Jimi Mitsunaga, Joe Azarcon, Chung Myun Lee, and Lang Wong as the initial incorporators. AAU began in serving Southeast Asian refugees and has now expanded to providing services to all refugees and immigrants the state.


Overall Booth Disclaimer:

While the Utah Asian Festival is open to all, our mission is to highlight the vibrant cultures, foods, resources, and organizations which represent our local Asian American communities. Booths are based on a first-come, first-serve basis depending on the capacity of the UAF and the needs of the Asian American community. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance as a booth/vendor. UAF planning committee reserves the right for final booth decisions, placements, acceptance, and rejections.

All payments made after April 3rd are non-refundable regardless of the committee’s decision to accept, reject, waitlist, or otherwise. By submitting to this disclaimer.


Food vendors (booths and trucks) are requested to submit their menu after submitting the application for approval to help prevent duplicate menu items from being sold at the festival. Food booths will be approved on a first come, first serve basis (first to apply, submit their menu, pay deposit, et al.). Any additional applications with menu items too similar to previously approved food booths will either be asked to change their menu items or apply next year. A representative must attend one Utah Asian Festival orientation meeting (TBD)  to ensure understanding of policies and procedures. Selling of alcohol and Coca Cola products are not allowed, but Pepsi products, bottled water, and all Asian drinks are permissible. Setup for food booths will be outdoors at the Utah State Fairpark and will begin on Friday, June 2, 2023 at 1:00pm. You will receive an email confirmation and next steps if your application is moving to the next round. Food booth and food truck applications are incomplete and will be waitlisted until both 1) Menu and 2) Payment are received. Food Booths will operate in 10×20 tents.


  • A valid sales tax number used for sales tax form and special return form (committee will provide the forms at the end of the festival).
  • Temporary event permit through the Utah Health Department (801-297-6303).
  • A Business License
  • Food Handler’s Permit
  • Use of Point of Sale System (Clover, Square, Toast, TouchBistro etc.)
  • Food Booths & Vendors ready by 10:00am on Saturday, June 3, 2023


  • $100 deposit towards the Utah State Fairpark (goes towards the 20% commission listed in the next bullet point)
  • 20% commission revenue from the event to the Utah State Fairpark
  • $105 event liability insurance
  • Power:
    • $10 (5 amps, 110V)
    • $15 (10 amps, 110V)
    • $20 (20 amps, 110V)
    • $25 (30 amps, 110V)
    • $50 (30 amps  208V single-phase)
    • $75 (50 amps  208V single-phase)
    • $100 (100 amps 208V single-phase)
    • $200 (200 amps  208V single-phase)
  • $25 Water & Sewer Combined (sewer for frying oil disposal)

If you have any questions prior to applying as a Food Booth/Truck for the 2023 Utah Asian Festival, please email Deepika Shah KC deepikashah6@gmail.com and Karl Ramirez karlpauloramirez@gmail.com 


There are more than 50 Asian ethnic groups that reside in the state of Utah. We welcome any and all to apply for a Cultural Booth to represent your ethnic community’s arts and crafts, history, traditional dresses and regalia, artifacts, and other material to demonstrate its rich history. We ask all cultural booths to have an interactive component (traditional games, script, etc), but must not sell any services or merchandise. We prefer applicants who are connected to one of our state’s many Asian ethnic community organizations. Cultural booths will be mixed inside and outside at the Utah State Fairpark. Booth placements will be determined based on registration and submission completion date and are subject to change by the planning committee.


  • Cultural Booth fee: waived for 2023

If you have any questions prior to applying as a Cultural Booth for the 2023 Utah Asian Festival, please email Lisa Ly (lylisaanh@gmail.com).


Nonprofit Booths are available to organizations that operate solely for the benefit of the local community and are able to provide a 501(c)(3) form/number. Nonprofit Booths are not allowed to sell any food, beverages, or merchandise and must not promote or display anything that might appear to be controversial or political. UAF planning committee reserves the right to determine what may or may not appear to be controversial or political and may decline applicants or remove anything or anyone not in compliance with their decision(s). No hiring, recruiting for employment, fundraising, or selling is allowed at nonprofit booths and will be considered as Commercial. UAF planning committee reserves the right to properly categorize applicants according to booth description and placements will be determined based on registration and submission completion date and are subject to change by the planning committee.


  • Nonprofit Booth fee: $125 before April 3, 2023
    • $150 after April 3, 2023
  • Access to Power: $25 (30 amps, 110V)

If you have any questions prior to applying as a Nonprofit Booth for the 2023 Utah Asian Festival, please email Pheej Lor lor.pheej@gmail.com


Commercial Booths can be used to display a product or service or any agency recruiting for employment. You may sell your product or service at the festival provided that you have a valid business license and an EIN number (state Tax ID). Sale of hot food or beverages are not permitted in any Commercial Booth. There are two types of Commercial Booths: Commercial and Artisan. Artisan are for local, Asian-owned small businesses selling art, ceramics, jewelry, home, vintage, niche products, and other related items. Booth placements will be determined based on registration and submission completion date and are subject to change by the planning committee.


  • Commercial Booth fee: $275 (10×10) or $500 (10×20) before April 3, 2023
    • $300 (10×10) or $550 (10×20) after April 3, 2023
  • Commercial Artisan Booth fee (10×10 only): $125 before April 3, 2023
    • $150 after April 3, 2023
  • Access to Power: $25 (30 amps, 110V)

If you have any questions prior to applying as a Commercial Booth for the 2023 Utah Asian Festival, please email Kathleya Gracida kathgracida@gmail.com and Grace Rogers grace.rogers417@gmail.com. For questions about the Commercial Artisan Booth, please contact Janessa Ilada janessa.ilada@gmail.com

To continue our tradition of providing our festival free to all, especially for our new immigrant and refugee Asian communities, we are asking for corporate support from local businesses and organizations. While this event is completely volunteer-driven, the additional financial support from our sponsors will enable us to cover the costs associated with the new venue and festival experience, including additional streaming costs, stage expenses, equipment rentals, and children’s activities. We would appreciate any level of support in sponsorship or through the sponsorship of particular services to help our local vendors provide their services effectively in our festival.

Please use the Contact Us form below if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or would like more information.


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